So who are Mangata Global?

Mangata is a global leader in the international mobility and contract management industry. With more than seventeen years of experience, we have aided contractors, recruitment agencies, and corporates to make more money by facilitating the transfer of new and existing talent to where it is needed most. We take care of all the hassles of contract management, payroll, immigration, taxes, and compliance in more than 70+ countries.

Our goal is to provide our clients with the most efficient payroll services possible under the law. We want our clients to experience the freedom of contracting while not having to worry about the additional continuous upkeep it requires. We look to maximize your take-home pay ensuring you fully benefit from your work completed through the most efficient legal means. Ensure your tax, social security, VAT, and immigration affairs are handled compliantly in the countries you work in. We can assist in obtaining a work permit in up to 20 countries either as an employee or as a self-employed individual. For our recruitment agency clients, our range of compliant solutions enables us to keep your contractors happy by matching pay structure to specific circumstances. Ensuring contractors obtain the highest retention legally possible.

Offering competitive prices we strive to provide the best international payroll services. Operating on a paid when paid basis, offering work permit support, optional A1 certificate guidance, unlimited contact within business hours, free bank detail changes, tailed solutions, and simple onboarding processes complete within 24 hours are a few ways we look to make your experience with us so great you’ll never want to leave.

All of our clients – contractors, recruitment businesses, and corporates will experience the most efficient payroll, immigration, tax, and social security solutions that are possible under law, only at Mangata Global.

For the best international payroll services, contact us today.

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