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As the global economy continues to grow, more and more businesses are operating in multiple countries. This can make managing payroll a complex and time-consuming task. However, there is a solution for businesses that are self-employed or have employees working globally. International payroll services can help simplify the payroll process by providing a centralized platform for managing employee data. In addition, they can provide support with local tax regulations and compliance requirements. As a result, self-employed businesses can save time and money by using an international payroll service.

At Mangata we offer a specialised service for those who are EU nationals or have the right to work. If you are a contractor who is a graduate or has the relevant working experience and wish to work independently, our self-employed solutions could be applicable to you.

The contractor will be registered as self-employed in their project location with all the necessary agencies and then de-registered at the end of the project. We will assist Contractors as they must register and pay their social security in exchange for certain government benefits such as healthcare. All tax and social security will be deducted at the source and accounts will be filed in the country of the project on the contractor’s behalf at the end of the tax year.

Any communication received from the local authorities whilst on the project should be passed directly to us and will be dealt with accordingly. We will have regular contact with the local tax office to ensure that the correct deductions are being made. This allows contractors to concentrate on their projects with the knowledge that everything is being looked after. Contractors can contact us as many times as they wish during the length of the project at no extra cost. Contractors’ take-home pay will vary based on certain circumstances including nationality or day rate.

We offer optional A1 certificate assistance, but contractors must-visit HMRC online or the equivalent organization for their home country, so they can continue to pay social security for their home jurisdiction instead of the jurisdiction of temporary work. The A1 certificate, if granted allows the contractor to remain in their own social system for a nominal weekly contribution and is especially useful if working in countries with high social security levels (France, Belgium).

We look to provide the best quality services for our clients, so do not hesitate and work with us today.

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